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DOLPHIN AND NATURE TOUR 2 1/2 hours / $300 for boat and captain up to six persons
Southwest Florida has one of the largest populations of Bottlenose Dolphin in the world. These creatures have the second largest brain to body mass ratio of any mammal which contributes to their incredibly high intelligence and emotional intelligence. We will cruise out to Charlotte Harbour, view Boca Grande Pass, glide through the marina at Useppa Island, home to the great Calusa Indians 10,000 years ago, all the while looking for these playful mammals who love to ride in the wake of our boats. Our manatee are are also present in our waters during the months of November to April. We will take you to the Manatee Cove on the east side of Cayo Costa to look for our endearing sea cows.

Departure: Tarpon Lodge, 13771 Waterfront Drive, Pineland, Florida.
Call for Reservation and Departure Time and Location.

What to bring: We provide water onboard. You are welcome to bring a small cooler with any beverages and snacks you would like. Sun screen and bug repellent are a good idea since it is Southwest Florida!